Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station
  • Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station
  • Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station
  • Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station

Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station

Quick & hygenic rinsing station.

The Blendtec Rapid Rinse Station provides the fastest and most effective way to rinse, dry and store jars the blending industry has ever seen. Quit wasting time walking over to the sink, hand drying jars and wasting water. Save up to 2 minutes between blends and use two thirds less water with Blendtec’s groundbreaking rinsing station.

Small, fast and efficient. The Rapid Rinse Station reclaims valuable counter space with its minimal form factor, and is perfect for stacking multiple Blendtec jars. Best of all, it can reduce exposure to harmful sanitizers that irritate skin and cause lost time on the job.

Package includes rinser, rinse station and 6′ hose.
Durable construction
The Rapid Rinse Station is made of chemical-resistant plastic. A stainless steel spray nozzle ensures trouble-free operation.
Smart Design
Compact and low-profile, the Rapid Rinse Station fits neatly next to your Blendtec blender or dispenser. It features a closed valve system that prevents water leakage when water pressure drops.
Expanded coverage
Upon activation, water immediately covers 70% of the rinsing area (compared to only 30% in other rinsers).
Easy and versatile
Use the Rapid Rinse Station to rinse any container with a diameter of 8″ or less. Pitchers, blender jars, measuring devices—anything! A gentle push on the platform is all it takes to activate the spray. Can be used for barista milk jugs too.
6-ft. flexible, nylon-reinforced tubing with a 38-in. compression fitting for water hook-up. Requires waste water connection. Overall dimensions: 8.8" W x 20.5" D x 7.5" H.
Jugs not included.

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