Brita Purity 1200
  • Brita Purity 1200

Brita Purity Quell C1200

The PURITY 1200 Clean partial demineralisation filter is equipped with a filter medium that is specially designed to offer long-term protection against limescale build-up in your machine and on your dishes. Cost-intensive servicing or machine breakdown times are a thing of the past with the PURITY 1200 Clean. What's more, the hot water suitability of the filter system (up to 60°C) also reduces energy costs.

PURITY Clean technology
A single customised filter medium targets ions in untreated water that cause limescale build-up. The result: Partial demineralised water for use in areas where carbonate hardness levels may be considered too high and the added mineral content in the untreated water is not considered critical.