Bravilor Bolero 1
  • Bravilor Bolero 1
  • Bravilor Bolero 1

Bravilor Bolero 1

Provided with one canister for coffee or chocolate and a separate hot water tap for, for instance, tea or soup. For locations with water connection. Additionally, the machine has been equipped with digital control, plastic drip tray, automatic descale indicator and rinsing programme.

Strong points

  • Clear menu with LED lighting
  • Available with and without hot water tap to make tea or soup
  • Unique mixing unit ensures good ingredient flow
  • Hot water system is less susceptible to scaling
  • Descale indicator, rinsing programme and rinsing function
  • Closable canister outlet
  • Drip tray full indicator
  • Total and day counters
  • Energy saving mode
  • Available in metallic grey or white

Gram Throw:

Gram Throws


Data sheet

Brewing Time
11 seconds
Water Tank capacity
30 litres
203x429x584 mm