Coffee Queen Thermos M
  • Coffee Queen Thermos M

Coffee Queen Thermos M

2.2lt Thermos system (flasks sold separately)

The Coffee Queen Thermos M brews coffee directly into a 2.2 litre thermos (15 cups), which makes serving coffee incredibly simple and flexible. With a brewing time of only 7 minutes per flask. 

Use with a choice of our steel or glass lined thermos flasks which will keep the coffee hot until it's needed without spoiling the taste. Great when it needs to be prepared ahead of time. 

Dimensions: (W) 205mm (D) 360mm (H) 545mm

Clearance required for flask: 350mm


Coffee Queen Thermos M


Brochure - Coffee Queen

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first use - Thermos M

Instructions on how to prime your equipment before using for the first time

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