Virunga Earl Grey
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Virunga Earl Grey

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Birchall's Virunga Earl Grey is a scented pure origin tea, sourced from the finest tea gardens in Rwanda, found close to the country’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Virunga National Park. In this region, the tea bushes grow slowly, at the high altitude and relatively low temperatures, developing greater flavour before they are individually picked.

Birchall's pursuit of quality ensures that all their leaves are only ever hand plucked. The leaf, bud and tender stem are carefully pinched together in a ‘perfect pick’ and subsequently blended with a traditional bergamot oil to give a distinctive flavour of citrus, with spicy floral notes. 

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Black Tea
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Brew Guide Virunga Earl Grey

Brewing instructions for Birchall loose leaf and pyramid tea.

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