7up 330ml cans
  • 7up 330ml cans

Irn Bru 330ml cans

Irn Bru cans pack 24 x 330ml

Min order 24 cases for free delivery (cans or bottles can be mixed). 

Heavy and fragile cold drinks are shipped by pallet. A minimum order of any 24 cases will qualify you for FREE delivery. 
Irn Bru Cans Pack 24 x 330ml

Launched in 1901 in Scotland, Barr's IRN BRU is a carbonated soft drink, made to an original secret recipe which from 1901 contained 32 flavours. IRN BRU's unique combination of flavours delivers the brands indescribable and PHENOMENAL taste

  • Sparkling flavoured soft drink
  • Original and best
  • Bru'd in Scotland to a secret recipe for over 100 years
  • Sparkling flavoured soft drink.

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