Franke A-Series Steam Arm
  • Franke A-Series Steam Arm

Steam Arm

Must be purchased with machine

Compatible only with Franke A800 & A1000

Machine Accessories

Adding a Franke steam arms to your A800 or A1000 machine will enable your staff to have the creative potential of a 2-step machine. Opening up a whole new world of possibilities for baristas, all whilst increasing efficiency and productivity. With a dedicated boiler, you'll never drop pressure even at your busiest moments in the day.

Standard Steam Arm is controlled by the barista using on-screen on/off controls, similar to using a traditional espresso machine.

Autosteam Arm is semi-automatic and will stop heating milk at the right temperature. No more burnt milk.

Autosteam Arm PRO is programmed to variable settings for different drinks to deliver perfect foam and texture for lattes, flat whites and cappuccinos. All the barista has to do is press go, and viola!

Great for alternative dairy options. Using the steam arm for non-dairy milks is the simplest and most hygeinic way of avoiding cross-contamination for allergens and intolerances.

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