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El Salvador Beans

Ground Coffee

Coffee Beans:

Suitable for Bean to Cup and Traditional Machines.

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El Salvador's finest - rich and sweet with thick syrupy body and notes of ripe fruit and subtle almond and hazelnut.

Complex acidity at the front of the cup with a persistent sweet and treacle-like finish. 

Cafe Monte Sion has been a family owned coffee farm since 1907 and is committed to producing highest quality, shade grown coffee. Located in the "Cordillera de Apaneca" mountain range between 1,250-1,400masl, farmers use sustainable agriculture methods to protect and provide refuge for many species of migratory birds that pass through the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor. 

A research study done by Rainforest Alliance between the years 2008 and 2010 in Monte Sion Estate farm confirmed that 37% of the birds in the farm were migrant birds that would not be able to reach their destination if there was no forest in that area.

Recommended espresso recipe:
19g in | 40g out | in 27 sec+/- 

Enea Grinder Settings:
Grind 4.5 - T2 9.6


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12 x 500g
Espresso Beans
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Rainforest Alliance
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El Salvador