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Why do we hand-roast?

It’s a craft

The senses of sight, smell, sound and touch form the foundations of craft roasting.

As the coffee gently tumbles in the roaster, it slowly develops its full flavour in a traditional roasting style. Whilst we also use modern technology to monitor how each coffee reacts to even the most subtle change of temperature, the decision to bring the coffee out of the roaster is ultimately down to the people we trust to roast our coffee. Working with coffee in this way is a lifelong journey and our roasting team constantly hone their craft, their passion and their skills.

It’s technical

With all this “art” we do need to deliver consistency.

Every coffee we source has a different roast profile which identifies the flavours we want to enhance and develop. We have a point of reference for every single production roast to make sure you get a consistent brew that is rich and tasty every time you buy.

It’s super fresh

Coffee is a seasonal product and is harvested in the tropics at different times of the year.

Getting the best of the new season green beans is the key to getting the finest roasted coffee.

Hand roasting to order in small batches (max 28kg) keeps the coffee we sell as fresh as possible. We want to make sure the aromatics are at their peak when you buy our beans; that the taste and flavour descriptions remain true; and that they shine through beautifully in your brew.

It’s excellence in every cup

We manage the whole process, from roasting the coffee to serving it. 

The care we take over every part of the roasting process and the time we take to seek out the best equipment means you can be confident that every cup of Indigo Valley coffee you serve will be of a consistent quality and, most importantly, fabulously tasty.