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"Human trafficking is one of the most serious and barbaric crimes, profiting from human misery. Our response is a strategic one: focus on excellence, professionalism and outcomes to help victims find healing, hope and justice. Now is the time for all of us to act and end suffering."

Neil Wain - International Programme Director, Hope for Justice

Hope For Justice As members of the Slave Free Alliance our partnership with Hope for Justice is our attempt to throw a lifeline to those caught up in modern-day slavery. Our impact alone may be small but together we can make a difference.

What is Indigo Valley’s Hope for Justice partnership?

  • we match your coffee, with one of our existing blends, or roast a new one to match yours
  • we match the price you are paying now for your coffee, you just show us your last invoice
  • we donate 20% of the profits on your coffee purchases with us to Hope for Justice every quarter

We can provide great coffee making equipment, look after your existing coffee making equipment and give onsite training where required.

What’s not to like?

Together, bit by bit, step by step we can make a difference to someone in forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude or forced marriage and it won’t cost your company extra to what you pay for the coffee you already consume.

Why not try us out by calling and booking an onsite tasting.

Hope for Justice works with all victims of human trafficking. Whether it’s a young girl sold for sex again and again in the city where she grew up or a father who’s travelled overseas trying to support his family at home, we believe in the incredible value of every life.

Hope for Justice helped destroy the criminal network responsible for the biggest trafficking case in UK history.. To find out more, visit the Hope for Justice website.

You have read about the partnership, and checked out Hope for Justice. 

Now you can play your part, by simply signing up today and purchasing coffee through us. 

It’s a win win for all concerned.

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