Why we roast speciality beans in small batches

It’s a craft

The senses of sight, smell, sound and touch form the foundations of craft roasting. Whilst we use modern airflow technology to roast some of our commercial blends in larger 60kg batches, but we still prefer smaller 5kg batches for our speciality beans.

It’s technical

Every coffee we source has a different roast profile which identifies the flavours we want to enhance and develop. We have a roast profile for every single production to make sure you get a consistent brew that is rich and tasty every time you buy.

It’s subjective

Coffee is a seasonal product and is harvested in the tropics at different times of the year. Getting the best of the new season green beans is the key to producing the finest roasted coffee. We employ a Q Grader (think wine master but for coffee) to oversee this process and ensure the natural aromatics and distinct flavours shine through beautifully in your brew, every season.

It’s excellence in every cup

The care we take over every part of production, from goods in, to the roast and the packing. You're welcome to visit and see how we do things, and try our coffee in the cupping room, but by appointment only please.