Indigo Valley at home

COMING SOON: Speciality hand-roasted coffee, premium whole-leaf tea and tasty hot chocolate. All you need to make coffee shop drinks from the comfort of your own home.

Enjoy our hand-roasted coffee in your own home

We are glad your here and would love for you to jump right in to a better coffee, tea or chocolate experience. To give you the confidence to order when you have not seen our products in the flesh we back all we sell with a full no quibble money back promise if it does not meet or exceed your hopes and expectations for shear quality and taste.

A word on our pricing.

Yes, we may seem cheap for people who strive for the best quality speciality coffee, we get that. We believe that you the consumer shouldn't have to pay extortionate amounts just because a coffee is marketed as expensive. Our packaging may not be as sexy as the next roaster, but we believe the coffee is what you should pay for, not the box it might come in. That said we are looking into a 'sexy packaging' optional upgrade for all our products in the near future, worry not!

Just one more thing before you begin to order.

Again, it's about our pricing. Because we price things fairly to make a reasonable profit, if an item appears to cost more with us than another roaster, it's because of the quality of the raw ingredients we use, not because we are adding a little extra to it. If an item looks a little too cheap when you compare it to a similar product don’t fret, it won't be because we have cut corners. In all things, quality and equitable trading drive all our choices. Enough already. Jump in.

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